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For plain concrete, coloured concrete, stamped concrete and exposed aggregate:

To ensure your concrete Christchurch is the best fit, we will meet on site for a pre-construction meeting 3-4 days before the project commences to establish access and discuss your requirements. At this time we also run through the project timelines and activities. When we are on site, we will use diggers or other appropriate sized machinery to excavate the soil or existing concrete and replace with base. We then box the area and compact the base.

You will be contacted the day before your concrete is due to be poured. If it is raining and concrete pouring does not take place, it will be scheduled for the next fine day. Concrete is poured to a depth of 100mm, finished by trowelling and expansion joint cuts are put in place. Finish of the concrete is dependent on your specification; stamped, coloured, sponge, rolled, mag, exposed aggregate etc. We return to clear the site, remove boxing and add any additional expansion cuts required under the Building Code.

Your concrete will be ready to walk on 48 hours after pouring and after 7 days to drive on, if plain concrete. This process may take longer if the finish is coloured, stamped or exposed aggregate. A couple of days later we then return to do a final clean up and to place soil and seed along the edge of the new concrete.

If the finish is coloured, your job may require sealing and cannot be used for 24 hours after this process has been completed. If your finish is exposed aggregate we return the following day to water blast the top of the concrete and expose the stones. It will then be neutralised, washed, cut and sealed in appropriate weather conditions. A couple of days later we return to do a final clean up and to place soil and seed along the edge of the new concrete.

Plain Concrete:


Coloured Concrete:

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Stamped Concrete:

003-ipave 039-ipave 034-ipave 069-ipave

Exposed Aggregate with 5kg Black Oxide:

017-ipave 014-ipave 023-ipave 085-ipave

Exposed Aggregate with 5kg Black Oxide and Milford Pebble:

010-ipave 012-ipave

Exposed Aggregate with Coloured Concrete Boarder:


Stencilled Concrete:

114-ipave 112-ipave 113-ipave 110-ipave




Commercial Work:

094-ipave 090-ipave 092-ipave 098-ipave

Under Construction:

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